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The citizens of Lenoir County are proud of their community and their history, for it is uniquely theirs.  The preservation of that history is a major goal of HPG.  Various projects have been completed; some are in the works while others are being planned.

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Historical Preservation Group

  • HPG has acquired almost 200 acres of Civil War Battlefield property from the Fist Battle of Kinston and the Wyse Fork Battle.

  • The infamous Kinston Hangings ordered by Gen George Pickett took place in Kinston.  The hangings were controversial and the controversy continues even unto this day. Other stories are here and waiting to be told.  The Historical Preservation Group will tell some of the stories with interpretive signs at the location of the happenings.

  • The only remains of a Confederate Ironclad, the CSS Neuse is housed at the CSS Neuse Historic State Site while a full size replica of the CSS Neuse rest at Heritage Landing in downtown Kinston.  The Historical Preservation Group has partnered with the CSS Neuse Gunboat Association, Lenoir County Tourism and the Lenoir County Tourism Development Authority to advocate for the preservation of the Neuse by having it placed in a climate controlled environment.

  • HPG through the Colonial Commission partnered with the  Gov. Richard Caswell Memorial State Historic Site with a generous contribution and the Celebration of Gov. Richard Caswell event.

  • The Washington Family of Lenoir County during the 1800s was very prominent.  They connected with the leading families of not only North Carolina but Florida, Georgia, California, Virginia, New Jersey and New York. HPG is researching this prominent Family’s history.

Lenoir County Colonial Commission
The colonial past lives on in Kinston for it was home to the North Carolina’s first constitutional governor, Richard Caswell Harmony Hall, once owned by Richard Caswell, served as the seat of state government during Caswell’s term of office following the American Revolution.  The Colonial Commission has been started to help interpret the story of our colonial past and partner with the Richard Caswell Memorial State Historic Site to help in whatever way we can.

Lenoir County Battlefield Commission
During the American Civil War Lenoir County became the Eastern Front for the Confederacy in North Carolina after much of  the coast of North Carolina fell into Union hands in early 1862.  The community was occupied for the remainder of the war by the military.  There were numerous skirmishes and raiding parties throughout the war.  Two battles took place on Lenoir County soil, the Battle of Wyse Fork and the First Battle of Kinston.  The Lenoir County Battlefields Commission was organized to manage the preservation and development of the battlefield.

Heritage Genealogical Society
The stories of families are important to preserve, as they help to tell the stories of our communities.  The Heritage Genealogical Society was started to encourage people to do genealogy and share it with others.  HGS has a partnership with Heritage Place at Lenoir Community College and the Old Dobbers Genealogy web site.