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Department of North Carolina
General Braxton Bragg

Hoke's Division
(From the Army of Northern Virginia)
Major General Robert F. Hoke

Clingman's Brigade: Colonel William S. Devane

8th North Carolina
31St North Carolina
51St North Carolina
61st North Carolina

Kirkland's Brigade: Brigadier General William W Kirkland

17th North Carolina
42nd North Carolina
66th North Carolina

Hagood's Brigade: Brigadier General Johnson Hagood

Contingent of Lieutenant Colonel James H. Rion:
7th South Carolina Battalion
11th South Carolina
21st South Carolina
25th South Carolina
27th South Carolina

Contingent of Lieutenant Colonel John D. Taylor:

1st North Carolina Battalion Heavy Artillery (9th NC Bttn.)
36th North Carolina
13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery, Adams' Battery (Co. D)

Contingent of Major William A. Holland:

40th North Carolina

Colguitt's Brigade: Colonel Charles 7'. Zachry

6th Georgia
19th Georgia
23rd Georgia
27th Georgia
28th Georgia

North Carolina Junior Reserves Brigade: Brigadier General Laurence S. Baker
(Formed from Military Sub-districts of Goldsboro, Kinston, and Weldon. March 6)
*attached to Major General D.H. Hill

70th North Carolina (1St NC Junior Reserves)
71st North Carolina (2nd NC Junior Reserves)
72nd North Carolina (3rd NC Junior Reserves)
20th Battalion North Carolina Junior Reserves (Millard's Battalion)

Whitford's Brigade: Colonel John N Whitford
(Formed from Military Sub-districts of Kinston and Fort Branch)

67th North Carolina
68th North Carolina

  • Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel Joseph B. Starr

    13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery. Atkin's Battery (Co. B)
    13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery. Dickson's Battery (Co. E)

    Army of Tennessee Contingent
    Major General Daniel Harvey Hill

    Clayton's Division
    Major General Henry D. Clayton

    Stovall's Brigade: Colonel Henry C. Kellog

    40th Georgia
    41st Georgia
    42nd Georgia
    43rd Georgia

    Jackson's Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel James C. Gordon

    Contingent of Lieutenant Colonel James C. Gordon:

    1St Confederate Regiment
    66th Georgia

    Contingent of Captain F.L. Langston:

    29th Georgia
    30th Georgia

    Contingent of Captain W.J. Whitsett

    25th Georgia
    1st Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters

    Pettus' Brigade: Brigadier Edmund M Pettus
    (From Stevenson's Division, AOT, arrived March 10)

    20th Alabama
    30th Alabama

    Hill's Division
    Colonel J. G. Coltart

    Manigault's Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel John C. Carter

    10th South Carolina
    19th South Carolina

    Deas' Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Harry Toulmin

    22nd Alabama
    25th Alabama
    39th Alabama
    50th Alabama

    Stewart's Corps
    Major General Edwin C. Walthall

    Scott's Brigade: Captain John A. Dixon
    (From Loring's Division)

    12th Louisiana
    27th Alabama
    35th Alabama
    49th Alabama

    Ouarles' Brigade: Brigadier General George D. Johnston (From Loring's Division)

    1st Alabama
    17th Alabama
    29th Alabama
    42nd Tennessee
    48th Tennessee
    49th Tennessee
    53rd Tennessee
    55th Tennessee

    Featherston's Brigade: Major Martin A. Oatis (From Loring's Division)

    1St MisSissippi
    1st Mississippi Battalion
    3rd Mississippi
    22nd Mississippi
    31st Mississippi
    33rd Mississippi
    40th Mississippi

    Adam's Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Robert .1. Lawrence (From Loring's Division)

    6th Mississippi
    14th Mississippi
    15th Mississippi
    20th Mississippi
    23rd Mississippi
    43rd Mississippi