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Disappearing Family Communities
 in Lenoir County

We live in a changing world.  The years pass and and so much is left behind but for many of us memories of those by gone days are forever burned into our memories.  And for those who do not share those memories this web page may help you to learn about some of the people and places of the past.  This web page is dedicated to the communities that have faded into our past.


East of the Coast Line

Lincoln City


The Jenny Lind Store at Jenny Lind Crossroads - according to locals sat diagonally at the intersection across the road from this abandoned store, the third one built there. Jenny Lind sang under a nearby oak tree in 1850

Jenny Lind, North Carolina has only a sign, an abandoned country store and a couple of mobile homes to mark its location.

According to local folklore, the little crossroad located three miles west of LaGrange in eastern North Carolina was named after Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind .The North Carolina crossroad became Jenny Lind in 1850. While traveling through North Carolina, Jenny's stagecoach experienced problems. She supposedly sang under an old oak tree in the area. The tree was near an old abandoned store which sits in Jenny Lind today. The famous singer gave the little spot instant notoriety, and locals dubbed the area Jenny Lind.

At the height of her career, she was know as the greatest musical performer in the world. Her name lives on in the world's musical halls of fame, in schools and streets named after her, and in eastern North Carolina at a little crossroads where Jenny Lind once sang.