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The North Carolina Council of State may have
used this room when Secretarty of State James Glasgow occupied
the building after Governor Caswell moved the provisional government
to Kinson during the American Revolution.

William Lenoir

A portrait of William Lenoir hangs above one of the Great Rooms Mantles. Lenoir County which was created in 1791 from the old Dobbs County was named for William Lenoir, a hero of the battle of Kings Mountain.
Richard Caswell
A portrait believed to be Richard Caswell hangs over one of the mantles in the great room. There is a fireplace and Mantle at each end of the room. Richard Caswell bought Harmony Hall from the builder,
Jesse Cobb the same year he was chosen by the General Assembly to become the first Governor of independent North Carolina. This copy of Caswell's portrait is taken from an old locket miniature held by his decendants. Another copy is on file at the North Carolina Division of Archivesand History

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